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the material, than does the biological or the
zoological. According to the racialist theory,
man is an animal, biologically determined by his
blood and his anatomical structure. The theory
affirms the fatality of inheritance. But it is im-
possible, anywhere in history, to find a real race
in the accepted zoologic-naturalist sense of the
word: a real race existed only in prehistoric
times. In history we have only nationality,
something which is the result of complex cultural
and historical processes. It is not because of
their blood that the French are called a Latin
race, since there is very little real Latin blood in
their veins and they are actually a complex racial
mixture which contains among others, a strong
Celtic element. The French are called Latin
because they accepted Latin culture and formed
themselves in it. There is no such thing as a
Latin race. It is more than doubtful whether the
Russians are a Slavic race, there is too strong an
admixture of Finnish, Tartar, and in the upper
layers of society, especially since Peter the Great,
of German blood. Russians are Scythians : they
are probably less Slavic than the Poles or the
Czechs. Prussia is an ancient Slavic land and
there is much Slavic blood in the present-day

What, then, is the real significance of a racial-
ism which takes forms so terrible (from the